February The Love Month

February is known as the month of Love.  We all have many loves, but one of mine is my high school.  I am proud to be a Garrett High School Alum and on the board of the Garrett Schools Alumni Association.

I was the first class in the new kindergarten rooms in the elementary school Wand my class, 1969, was the first one to graduate from the new Paul Bateman gym.

Others loved our alumni just as much and they started the Garrett All Schools Alumni Association in1984.  Those who were on the first board with Jim Herzer at the helm.

1984 Alumni committee(4)

1st row: Jim Herzer, Donna Hile, Jeannette McNutt, Fannie Mae Knapp   2nd row: Kate Kleeman, Buford Smith. Cleo Talley, George Talley, Ray Saxer, Marjorie Saxer, Lyman Saxer  3rd row: Barbara Herzer, Marguerite Smith, Waneta Tuck, Ed Tuck, Loyal Jordan, Madelaine Zumbaugh, Floyd Fetter  4th row:  Betty Zern, Thais Heinzerling, Betty Smith, Yvonne Hunter, Charlie Baker, Evelyn Baker, Ruthe Pepple, Harold Pepple.

What a wonderful idea to have an alumni weekend.   They started with a luncheon and that has continued through the years.  A Golf Tournament was added and then, a walk about town.  The Historical Museum was opened for people to visit.  Many gather at the American Legion on Friday night to see old alumni from all classes.  Some are class mates, others are parents or siblings of classmates.  What fun!

Fast forward to 2019.  There is a new board with some fresh ideas.  We want to expand and build on the traditions that others have started.

We are working on getting email address and mailing addresses for all alumni.  Our list is a little outdated.  Also, as you may know, we are losing our older members as the years go by.  Membership to the association is what we need to keep this tradition alive.

We are adding some new items to the weekend.  Stay tuned for more information to come.  The weekend will still be the third weekend of the July.  It is July 19-21.

We are, also, selling alumni t-shirts and sweatshirts.  Let everyone know how proud you are to be an alumni of Garrett High Schools.

We would love to see all our alumni participate and become members.  Please help us keep the association going.

Submitted by,

Chris Smith

Corresponding Secretary

3 thoughts on “February The Love Month

  1. I LOVE your love month post! Your kindergarten class in the “new elementary school building” reminds me of mine. Our kindergarten met in the high school – in the room that I think became the art room by the time I was in high school. Which bring to mind a scary kindergarten memory: Miss Kuckuck put me in the cloak room and shut the door while all the other children got to go to recess because I printed my name wrong (left the “n” off “Carolyn.”) It was dark in there – yikes!


  2. This was a very nice post to wake up to this morning. I’m with you, Chris, I love City of Garrett, GHS, Ober School and Garrett Schools Alumni. I hope you get more email addresses. Maybe you or Carolyn or Jenny could put that request on Facebook. I would but I don’t know how to initiate a Facebook text.

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