“On Track” Newsletter

We have mailed the first edition of the ON TRACK newsletter!

We will be posting the complete newsletter here next week, but we do want to take a minute to explain 3 forms you will find in the newsletter.  We also want to let you know if you don’t receive the newsletter in the mail, you can print off the forms here and send in your various registrations!  Forms are due by July 1st.


This form is for EVERYONE!  This is the form you will use to send in your annual membership dues.  Also, please consider making a donation to the Scholarship Fund!   This year’s membership dues are just $5 per person.  All graduates or those who have attended a Garrett School are eligible for membership.  Those that are spouses of alumni, teachers, or administrators, are eligible for Affiliate membership.  Just fill out this form with all the information, enclose your membership dues and scholarship donation, and drop it in the mail!


This form is for the CELEBRATION on Saturday at Garrett High School.  The Celebration includes a lunch.  Just fill out this form, choose your sandwich, and enclose the $12 reservation.  Drop it in the mail along with your membership form!  (one check for everything is fine.)


This form is for those wanting to take part in the golf outing on Friday morning.  The structure of the outing is the same. If you want to send in one form with everyone’s name, that is great. If you send in yours individually, that works too.  You will pay your golf registration and green fees on Friday morning at the outing.  The change we have made: membership will be separate.  You can send your membership form in with the golf registration.  As stated above, membership is just $5.  Your entire $10 golf fee goes entirely to the SCHOLARSHIP FUND!     This form can be sent in along with your membership form and dues and box lunch reservation.

I hope this will help everyone as you read through the 8 page newsletter.  Lots of information…..Lots of things going on….Lots of FUN!!  The entire newsletter will be posted here next week.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact any board member, or comment on this blog.  We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

MembershipRenewalApplication   LunchReservation   GolfOutingRegistrationForm

Sneak Peek…

How many of you are excited for the upcoming Alumni Weekend, July 19-21?  Who is planning to be in Garrett on that weekend?  We have a lot of activities planned for all 3 days!

The “On Track” newsletter will be going in the mail very soon!  It includes 3 forms:  membership form, golf registration, and lunch reservation.  Also a ton of information on all the activities going on.

Take a look at just the front page of “On Track”, you can see everything that is going on that weekend.  Watch your mail for the complete, 8-page newsletter for all the details.  We will also be posting the complete newsletter here on the blog next week.


Revision of Bylaws

During Alumni Reunion Weekend, the Executive Board is asking active dues paying members to vote on revised association bylaws. Prior officers and several active members had identified the need to bring the bylaws up to date. To remain viable and relevant, all organizations need to study and revise their bylaws from time to time. As a result, a task force made up of Bob Johoski, Mark Claxton, and Kyle Branscum, was established to present improvements to the Board. After several months of serious work and meetings filled with thoughtful deliberation and debate, the new bylaws for the Alumni Association were approved on April 10, 2019 for presentation to the dues paying members for their approval.
For questions or comments about the new bylaws please contact Bob Johoski at rjohoski@gmail.com.

Please take the time to read these bylaws, comments welcome.  Ballot boxes will be available at several places over the Alumni Weekend.  Be sure to vote!  Details of the upcoming Alumni Weekend will be in the mailed newsletter and also posted here on our blog.

click here to read or download the bylaws