The Executive Board of the Garrett Schools Alumni Association is pleased to announce the officers for the upcoming year 2020-2021:

  • President Carolyn Ridenour (GHS 1960)
  • 1st Vice President Jenny Teders (GHS 1979)
  • 2nd Vice President Bob Johoski (GHS 1960)
  • 3rd Vice President Linda Anderson (GHS 1967)
  • Recording Secretary Beth Novy (GHS 1973)
  • Corresponding Secretary Chris Smith (GHS 1969)
  • Treasurer Jacob Barnhart (GHS 2010)
  • Assistant Treasurer Carley McBride-Lowe (GHS 2010)

Each year four of the eight officers are elected for a two-year term. The annual meeting of the alumni association (regularly held in July each year) was cancelled due to the coronavirus, preventing our traditional site of elections. Instead, a slate of officers was submitted for approval to members by email and mail in late July. In addition to the elected officers, Judy Snider (GHS 1960) continues to serve this year as Chair of the Nominating Committee and Jesse Pepple (GHS 1995) was appointed to serve as Chair of the Publicity Committee.

20 BY 20 compaign continues

The alumni association is in the final months of its “20 BY 20” fund-raising campaign for the Alumni Trust Fund – the fund providing selected GHS graduates scholarships each spring. The campaign is over half-way to our goal of $20,000 by the end of the year. The association aims to use the money to help put the alumni trust fund on firm footing for the future as well as potentially increasing the monetary amount awarded each student. The association is grateful to all those donors who’ve contributed so far.

We eagerly welcome others who want to join this effort. Please mail donations (checks made out to the Garrett Schools Alumni Trust) to the Garrett Schools Alumni Trust Association, PO Box 55, Garrett.

The alumni association invites all alumni as well as community members to follow our activities on Facebook at GarrettSchoolsAlumni.  Our email address is