March 2021

            We missed many of you last summer! While we weren’t able to gather for our full annual July alumni reunion in July 2020 because of the pandemic, we did have a successful Aaron “Sneezy” Smith Annual Alumni Golf Outing.

WE’RE STILL HERE! Are you still here? We have started planning activities for this year’s annual Alumni Weekend.

2021 is a year of promise; and we began this year with a new goal:

Fewer alumni executive board meetings but more activities.

We hope it works!

            First, some history: The Alumni Association has participated in several activities every year (some of these annual activities for our lifespan of 37 years). Examples include celebrating graduating seniors and awarding scholarships in the Spring, Homecoming in the Fall, and the Annual Alumni Reunion in the Summer. More recently they also include two newsletters a year and annual elections of officers.

            Secondly, we reflected on these traditional activities and annual duties this past fall when we asked ourselves: how should we plan for the year ahead? How can we be accountable for their effectiveness and success? We decided to form what we call Project Groups, groups that take on and manage our activities and events.

            Each group is managed by a member of the board to get started. We ask you to become involved, too. What are your areas of interest? Take a look at our Project Groups below…we’d love to hear from you. Which ones interest you?

            Third, Project Groups are meant to make sure activities and events are fulfilling our commitment to Garrett alumni: “Staying on track, together, through the decades!” while contributing to our beloved GKB schools and beloved hometown in beneficial ways. Meanwhile – we’ll limit executive board meetings to four a year (rather than the usual eleven).  

            Finally, our four Standing Committees fulfill other purposes and round out the work of the Alumni Association. All of these are intended to be purposeful, focused, and working groups.

            We’d love your feedback; we’d love to learn about your interests, too. If you’d like to get involved, let us know that, too! Any and all groups are open for your ideas and your involvement!

Project Groups

Graduating GHS Seniors Recognition: Linda Anderson

My plan is to keep on “TRACK” with Garrett High school as to what we as the alumni association can do for our new and upcoming alumni as far as honoring them and congratulating them at graduation time.

Governance: Bob Johoski

· Stay current with the management and control documents of Tax-Free Organizations.

· Update and submit for approval recommended changes to the control and governing documents of the Alumni Association and the Alumni Trust Association, keeping them in line with current practices.

· Coordinate with the Nominating Committee and manage the process of the annual election of officers of the Alumni Association and the Alumni Trust Association

Newsletter: Jenny Teders

The goal of our group is to keep all Garrett Schools Alumni informed on news and activities of the Association. We also work to grow our membership by publishing our newsletter on our blog.

GKB Schools Service: Jacob Barnhart

The GKB Service Group works to assist the school and other community organizations in continuing and creating resources that help meet the needs of the school and its students. With the goal of bettering the education and lives for our future alum.

Membership: Chris Smith

Our focus is how to increase our membership by identifying avenues to find class contacts and obtain emails for mailings. We need to make our graduating seniors aware of the association by obtaining their email address for the future. (A Reminder: Membership dues are only $10 per year, covering July to July. Find the membership form on our blog at Please send it in!)

GKB Schools Events: Beth Novy

This group focuses on events linked to the schools: Homecoming, the Hall of Fame, and the Wall of Honor celebrations, as well as other school events.

Alumni Apparel: Carley McBride-Lowe

When someone purchases a Garrett Schools Alumni t-shirt or sweatshirt from MJS Apparel, part of the proceeds go to the scholarship fund to benefit selected GHS graduating seniors. This group manages the venues for sales and other plans for our apparel.

Standing Committees (required by our Bylaws)

Publicity Committee: Jesse Pepple, Chair

“The Publicity Committee must promote the activities of the Association via any and all of the media available to them throughout the year.” (Bylaws, 03.11.19)

Nominating Committee: Judy Snider, Chair

“The Nominating Committee must be appointed as provided in Section 3 of Article V of these Bylaws.” (Article VIII, Bylaws, 03.11.19)

Reunion Committee: Carolyn Ridenour, Chair

“The Reunion Committee must plan, staff and manage all of the activities occurring during Alumni Weekend each year. Any required sub-committees required can be appointed by the committee.” (Article VIII, Bylaws, 03.11.19)

Historian Committee: (currently vacant)

“The Historian Committee must maintain and expand the recorded history of the Alumni Association as required.”) (Article VIII, Bylaws, 03.11.19)

If you want to be involved in any of the above groups or committees, please let us know. If not, just let us know what you think. We welcome all replies!

Check back to this site periodically to see updated Garrett Schools Alumni Association news!

Carolyn Ridenour, President

Garrett Schools Alumni Association

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