garrett paradeHappy Holidays to all alumni!

As you read this letter, we should be in the middle of the holiday season and the Christmas spirit should be in full swing. This is such a great time of the year, when families who celebrate Christmas gather around and tell stories of past Christmases that were funny or of the gifts they received that were exceptional, or recollect scenes of helping a friend or family that was down on their luck. These are the types of thoughts that make most of us smile and reminisce in our minds of younger days with our friends or our own children.

Look back at the year of 2018 and I know I had my ups and downs but it was a good year. My hope is that many of you have had a good year and are looking to the new year of 2019 with great hope and plans for things to come. I especially look forward to seeing you during the 2019 Alumni Weekend (July 19-21) when those of you from near and far gather here in Garrett. This Christmas I would like to wish you, your friends and family a memorable and enjoyable Christmas.

Todd Fiandt,
Mayor of Garrett

Thank you Mayor Fiandt for being a guest blogger for the Garrett Schools Alumni. The alumni officers wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!

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