“On Track” Newsletter

We have mailed the first edition of the ON TRACK newsletter!

We will be posting the complete newsletter here next week, but we do want to take a minute to explain 3 forms you will find in the newsletter.  We also want to let you know if you don’t receive the newsletter in the mail, you can print off the forms here and send in your various registrations!  Forms are due by July 1st.


This form is for EVERYONE!  This is the form you will use to send in your annual membership dues.  Also, please consider making a donation to the Scholarship Fund!   This year’s membership dues are just $5 per person.  All graduates or those who have attended a Garrett School are eligible for membership.  Those that are spouses of alumni, teachers, or administrators, are eligible for Affiliate membership.  Just fill out this form with all the information, enclose your membership dues and scholarship donation, and drop it in the mail!


This form is for the CELEBRATION on Saturday at Garrett High School.  The Celebration includes a lunch.  Just fill out this form, choose your sandwich, and enclose the $12 reservation.  Drop it in the mail along with your membership form!  (one check for everything is fine.)


This form is for those wanting to take part in the golf outing on Friday morning.  The structure of the outing is the same. If you want to send in one form with everyone’s name, that is great. If you send in yours individually, that works too.  You will pay your golf registration and green fees on Friday morning at the outing.  The change we have made: membership will be separate.  You can send your membership form in with the golf registration.  As stated above, membership is just $5.  Your entire $10 golf fee goes entirely to the SCHOLARSHIP FUND!     This form can be sent in along with your membership form and dues and box lunch reservation.

I hope this will help everyone as you read through the 8 page newsletter.  Lots of information…..Lots of things going on….Lots of FUN!!  The entire newsletter will be posted here next week.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact any board member, or comment on this blog.  We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

MembershipRenewalApplication   LunchReservation   GolfOutingRegistrationForm

Sneak Peek…

How many of you are excited for the upcoming Alumni Weekend, July 19-21?  Who is planning to be in Garrett on that weekend?  We have a lot of activities planned for all 3 days!

The “On Track” newsletter will be going in the mail very soon!  It includes 3 forms:  membership form, golf registration, and lunch reservation.  Also a ton of information on all the activities going on.

Take a look at just the front page of “On Track”, you can see everything that is going on that weekend.  Watch your mail for the complete, 8-page newsletter for all the details.  We will also be posting the complete newsletter here on the blog next week.


Revision of Bylaws

During Alumni Reunion Weekend, the Executive Board is asking active dues paying members to vote on revised association bylaws. Prior officers and several active members had identified the need to bring the bylaws up to date. To remain viable and relevant, all organizations need to study and revise their bylaws from time to time. As a result, a task force made up of Bob Johoski, Mark Claxton, and Kyle Branscum, was established to present improvements to the Board. After several months of serious work and meetings filled with thoughtful deliberation and debate, the new bylaws for the Alumni Association were approved on April 10, 2019 for presentation to the dues paying members for their approval.
For questions or comments about the new bylaws please contact Bob Johoski at rjohoski@gmail.com.

Please take the time to read these bylaws, comments welcome.  Ballot boxes will be available at several places over the Alumni Weekend.  Be sure to vote!  Details of the upcoming Alumni Weekend will be in the mailed newsletter and also posted here on our blog.

click here to read or download the bylaws

Staying on Track, Together…..

Staying on Track, Together,
Through the Decades

This train has a new crew,
to keep us on the track,
and they’ve been working hard,
to welcome you all back.

They want to get your input,
for things you’d like to do,
to add to our weekend,
activities, that would be new.

This may be your first time,
to come to this event,
but let me tell you,
you’ll find your time, well spent.

Many of us look forward,
to this weekend every year,
to reminisce with classmates,
and friends we still hold dear.

So join the Alumni,
and send in your reservation,
and come join us at the,
G.H.S. Alumni station.

Staying on track together, through the decades,
will take hard work and dedication,
and your part will be planning, that,
July weekend, for your vacation.

~ Carol Hathaway

Part 2 – Help plan the 2019 Alumni Reunion



Wednesday March 13, 2019, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm 

Garrett High School, room 49 (enter door #2 on Houston Street)

To get you in the alumni association spirit, here are the answers to the QUIZ posted a few weeks ago on the blog. HOW WELL DID YOU DO?

Items 1 through 7 needed only one or two word answers; items 8 and 9 needed longer answers; and item 10 had just one acceptable three-letter answer! We wrote “stay tuned to a future blogpost for the answers!” AND THIS IS THAT BLOGPOST….

1. When is the 2019 Garrett Alumni Reunion scheduled?  July 19-21, 2019

2. How many years have Garrett grads had an alumni association?  35 years

3. What sport has been the highlight of the reunion on Friday morning?  Golf

4. What does the alumni association do every spring to support future Garrett alumni? Award college scholarships to Garrett High School graduating seniors

5. How much does it cost right now to join the alumni association for one year?  $5.00 – if you’re not a dues-paying member, join now!

6. Which graduating class will be honored at the 2019 reunion for its Golden Anniversary?  GHS graduating class of 1969 – if this is your class, don’t miss it! If you know someone in the class of ’69, tell them!

7. Where do lots of alumni hang out on Friday night of every alumni weekend?  American Legion

8. Why would anyone who’s alum want to come to the 2019 Alumni Reunion Weekend? Why would you?

What were your answers? Here are mine: to get together with old friends! to chat about shared memories! to reunite with school buddies! to reminisce! to celebrate my hometown! to see the schools!

9. What activities or events would help make a successful and an enjoyable annual alumni reunion in 2019?

What were your answers? Here is mine: any activity that brings us all together and celebrates our community, both past and present! (Come on March 13 and see some possibilities we have planned. Then lend a hand to help!)

10. Are you going to come be a part of the planning for the 2019 alumni weekend on February 13, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. in room 49 at GHS?

The only acceptable answer to this was “YES!” And now let’s change that to March 13, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. in room 49 at GHS! Say “YES” and I’ll see you there!

Carolyn Ridenour

February The Love Month

February is known as the month of Love.  We all have many loves, but one of mine is my high school.  I am proud to be a Garrett High School Alum and on the board of the Garrett Schools Alumni Association.

I was the first class in the new kindergarten rooms in the elementary school Wand my class, 1969, was the first one to graduate from the new Paul Bateman gym.

Others loved our alumni just as much and they started the Garrett All Schools Alumni Association in1984.  Those who were on the first board with Jim Herzer at the helm.

1984 Alumni committee(4)

1st row: Jim Herzer, Donna Hile, Jeannette McNutt, Fannie Mae Knapp   2nd row: Kate Kleeman, Buford Smith. Cleo Talley, George Talley, Ray Saxer, Marjorie Saxer, Lyman Saxer  3rd row: Barbara Herzer, Marguerite Smith, Waneta Tuck, Ed Tuck, Loyal Jordan, Madelaine Zumbaugh, Floyd Fetter  4th row:  Betty Zern, Thais Heinzerling, Betty Smith, Yvonne Hunter, Charlie Baker, Evelyn Baker, Ruthe Pepple, Harold Pepple.

What a wonderful idea to have an alumni weekend.   They started with a luncheon and that has continued through the years.  A Golf Tournament was added and then, a walk about town.  The Historical Museum was opened for people to visit.  Many gather at the American Legion on Friday night to see old alumni from all classes.  Some are class mates, others are parents or siblings of classmates.  What fun!

Fast forward to 2019.  There is a new board with some fresh ideas.  We want to expand and build on the traditions that others have started.

We are working on getting email address and mailing addresses for all alumni.  Our list is a little outdated.  Also, as you may know, we are losing our older members as the years go by.  Membership to the association is what we need to keep this tradition alive.

We are adding some new items to the weekend.  Stay tuned for more information to come.  The weekend will still be the third weekend of the July.  It is July 19-21.

We are, also, selling alumni t-shirts and sweatshirts.  Let everyone know how proud you are to be an alumni of Garrett High Schools.

We would love to see all our alumni participate and become members.  Please help us keep the association going.

Submitted by,

Chris Smith

Corresponding Secretary

Help plan the 2019 Alumni Reunion

Carolyn Ridenour (cridenour1@udayton.edu)

Garrett Schools Alumni Association Officers need YOU!

On Wednesday, February 13, please come join us at 6:30 p.m. and help us plan the 2019 Alumni Reunion Weekend. We’re meeting in Room 49 (enter door #2 on Houston Street; parking is convenient right next to the door.) We need your ideas! We need your help!
To get you in the alumni association spirit, here’s a QUIZ.
Items 1 through 7 need only one or two word answers; items 8 and 9 need longer answers; and item 10 has just one acceptable three-letter answer! Stay tuned to a future blogpost for the answers!

1. When is the 2019 Garrett Alumni Reunion scheduled?
2. How many years have Garrett grads had an alumni association?
3. What sport has been the highlight of the reunion on Friday morning?
4. What does the alumni association do every spring to support future Garrett alumni?
5. How much does it cost right now to join the alumni association for one year?
6. Which graduating class will be honored at the 2019 reunion for its Golden Anniversary?
7. Where do lots of alumni hang out on Friday night of every alumni weekend?
8. Why would anyone who’s an alum want to come to the 2019 Alumni Reunion Weekend? Why would you?
9. What activities or events would help make a successful and an enjoyable annual alumni reunion in 2019?
10. Are you going to come be a part of the planning for the 2019 alumni weekend on February 13, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. in room 49 at GHS?

Exploring Your Family Tree

January 22, 2019

Carolyn Ridenour

“Build a family tree to see your story emerge.”
………..from the ancestry.com webpage

Why is ancestry.com so popular? Why do I find it so intriguing to learn about Christoph Rintelmann, born in 1718 in Germany? He married Dorothea Ann in 1740, and they ultimately made their way to the USA and North Carolina. Why am I drawn to him? Because I can identify with him and maybe find a thread that’s intertwined with who I am, six generations hence, a descendant. I’m in his family. His story is, in part, my story.
The Garrett Schools Alumni Association is the ancestry.com for your growing up years. Consider your place in the family tree: where did you come from? What is your heritage? Is it in the public schools or the Catholic schools? Or both? Did you grow up in the musical branch of the family, maybe in the marching band or the choir? Or maybe you come from the athletic branch: basketball, or track, or golf? Were you in the journalism branch, on the Aeolian staff, perhaps? Or the technical branch of the family tree: computer science, or math, or building trades? Maybe you grew out from the intersection of multiple branches. While the branches of the tree grew in many directions, we all grew from the same tree, Garrett Schools. We share much in common. If you went to a Garrett School, your story is, in part, my story.
Whether we graduated in the 1940s or the 2000s, a core of our common story would be that of a multigenerational family, a tribe that shares a common history as well as sharing values, language, and customs. What branch of the big alumni family do you identify with? What if you would “build a Garrett Schools family tree to see your story emerge?” What would that story be?
The alumni association is a place where we share our stories, strengthen our identities, and build a strong heritage for the Garrett Schools, six generations (and more) into the future. Come join us!

Greetings from Mayor Fiandt

garrett paradeHappy Holidays to all alumni!

As you read this letter, we should be in the middle of the holiday season and the Christmas spirit should be in full swing. This is such a great time of the year, when families who celebrate Christmas gather around and tell stories of past Christmases that were funny or of the gifts they received that were exceptional, or recollect scenes of helping a friend or family that was down on their luck. These are the types of thoughts that make most of us smile and reminisce in our minds of younger days with our friends or our own children.

Look back at the year of 2018 and I know I had my ups and downs but it was a good year. My hope is that many of you have had a good year and are looking to the new year of 2019 with great hope and plans for things to come. I especially look forward to seeing you during the 2019 Alumni Weekend (July 19-21) when those of you from near and far gather here in Garrett. This Christmas I would like to wish you, your friends and family a memorable and enjoyable Christmas.

Todd Fiandt,
Mayor of Garrett

Thank you Mayor Fiandt for being a guest blogger for the Garrett Schools Alumni. The alumni officers wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!

click here to visit Garrett

Staying on track…

Garrett Alumni: Staying on track, together, through the decades

Carolyn S. Ridenour

“Staying on track, together, through the decades” Welcome to the tag line on your alumni association’s newly designed media! The phrase reflects the spirit of the 2018-2020 executive board; and we offer it as the mission of the association! You’ll begin to see it everywhere!

What have we, the new executive board of the Garrett Schools Alumni Association, been up to over the past four months since our induction? Following is a part of the agenda of an open meeting of Garrett alumni on the evening of November 14, 2018, at GHS.

We, the officers (listed below), enthusiastically reported on new opportunities for alumni to stay connected to their Garrett schools legacy, and, more importantly, to each other. Let me share a brief overview.

1. Under Bob Johoski’s (3rd VP) leadership, we have begun and made progress in completing the REVISION/UPDATING OF THE ASSOCIATION’S BYLAWS. Gaps in the current bylaws were revealed over the past two years. The future stability of the association mandated that we make this our top priority. We plan to finish this project before the 2019 annual alumni meeting. Thanks, too, to Kyle Branscum and Mark Claxton for being part of this important project.

2. Thank YOU, the Garrett alumni, for your past financial support to the association! Jacob Barnhart, Treasurer, has assumed the leadership of our treasury. Watch this blog for the stories we intend to tell about the beneficiaries of your financial support over the past few years!

3. Under Jenny Teders’s (1st VP) leadership, we have initiated several projects that will strengthen communication as well as foster a logo to be our association brand.

• Prior Facebook page has been revised into a NEW GARRETT SCHOOLS ALUMNI FACEBOOK page. We urge everyone to log on and follow ongoing news about the alumni association. You can find this by searching @GarrettSchoolsAlumni

• This BLOG has been created at garrettschoolsalumni.com. Still in its infancy, we urge you not only to subscribe, but to consider contributing your voice and your stories, to the editor a On the blog we plan to bring a variety of material to alumni, all with the intent of strengthening the sense of community across the generations of alumni, now located in diverse communities worldwide!  If you are interested in contributing your voice and your stories, please email us at GarrettSchoolsAlumni@gmail.com

• How have you signed up for alumni weekend activities over the years? How have you signed up for membership? The alumni association has used the U.S. post office during the 35 years of its existence; and we’re not changing that. At the same time, we’re moving forward to build our database of ALUMNI EMAIL ADDRESSES. Email is fast becoming the predominant mode of connecting our shared news across all alums.  Please help us by sending your email address or your classes email list to GarrettSchoolsAlumni@gmail.com

• See our NEW LOGO at the top of this page? Of about a dozen designs submitted by the students of Monica Cone, graphics design teacher at GHS, we chose one by Hunter Nodine, a senior. Working with Hunter, Jenny Teders requested revisions in his design a bit in back and forth communication, and completed this logo to brand our alumni association. It will soon be seen on sweatshirts, t-shirts, and hoodies in multiple combinations of maroon and blue. We have been working with MJS Apparel, in Garrett, to have these available for order soon!

4. Carrying on the tradition of linking our alumni association with the Garrett schools, we’ve strengthened the connections in at least two ways. First, Superintendent Weaver committed to providing a room for our monthly association meetings at Garrett High School (the second Wednesday of each month) and a permanent secure storage room for alumni materials and archives. Secondly, we’ve committed to support the important innovative GKB EDUCATION FOUNDATION RESOURCE ROOM http://www.foundation.gkb.k12.in.us/programs/resource_room .  We began by asking alumni at our November 14 meeting to bring contributions for the resource room. Teachers choose items from this collection of classroom materials and personal care products for students in need.

5. We met with the director of the Garrett Public Library and the Mayor of Garrett to establish strong ties between those important community organizations and the alumni. We anticipate collaborating with them on future projects.
Executive Board: Carolyn Ridenour, President; Jenny Teders, 1st Vice President; Kasey Schulz, 2nd Vice President; Bob Johoski, 3rd Vice President; Amy Baker, Recording Secretary; Chris Smith, Corresponding Secretary; Jacob Barnhart, Treasurer, Kaleb Kelhan, Assistant Treasurer.