Staying on Track, Together,
Through the Decades

This train has a new crew,
to keep us on the track,
and they’ve been working hard,
to welcome you all back.

They want to get your input,
for things you’d like to do,
to add to our weekend,
activities, that would be new.

This may be your first time,
to come to this event,
but let me tell you,
you’ll find your time, well spent.

Many of us look forward,
to this weekend every year,
to reminisce with classmates,
and friends we still hold dear.

So join the Alumni,
and send in your reservation,
and come join us at the,
G.H.S. Alumni station.

Staying on track together, through the decades,
will take hard work and dedication,
and your part will be planning, that,
July weekend, for your vacation.

~ Carol Hathaway