Fountain of Wonder and Awe
Stephen Rowe, PhD
GHS Class of 1970

March 3, 2012

Garrett’s Public Library, where I spent many formative hours as an adolescent, will be 100 years old come 2014. Looking toward that horizon, I want to publicly recognize and thank its very many employees, patrons, supporters, and “friends” over those years.

I always disliked school, but the library was a place of wonder and awe. Depending on my mood and temporal interests, I might visit shelves containing volumes on astronomy, world religions, mathematics, philosophy, sociology, literature, chess, So many possibilities! There I would randomly scan the prefaces, introductions, tables of content, and pages of books far too many to read. Often I would check out and read a book, but the main pleasure was to fathom the extent and depth of knowledge that lay “out there.”

I recall so clearly relishing the arcane symbols of calculus in a physics book, and the keen anticipation that someday I would understand their meaning and more. I remember a cryptic introduction to the Tao: “He who knows cannot say, he who says cannot know.” How that enigma thrilled me at age 15! Of course I didn’t understand it then, but that is precisely why it was so exciting: it presented irrefutable evidence that a universe of learning and knowledge lay beyond the dreary, suffocating classroom walls!

Then there were the periodicals – all kinds of magazines on all kinds of topics. I remember reading that complex DNA-like molecules were discovered in meteorites. Should that be taken as evidence of life in outer space? I never decided; in retrospect it was the questions that were important.

No one else knew how important that library was to me. Certainly I couldn’t have articulated these feelings at that time. But today I wonder, how many others might have shared similar feelings throughout its hundred-year past? And how many more might share similar feelings throughout the hundred years to come? Again, while these answers may never be known, the questions are important. I will venture that with respect to the future, the answer will be “More than might have been, thanks to the Library’s many friends and supporters.”

Posted 06.25.22
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